Dr. Andreas Boose

Senior Systems Architect
Telefónica Germany

Andreas oversees the growth and strategy at VisionMobile. He has been working on the mobile industry since 2000, helping take the very first smartphones to market. Since then he’s worked with the top brand names in the mobile industry including Microsoft, Intel, Mozilla, Amazon, Google, AT&T and Telefonica. Over the past eight years, Andreas has grown VisionMobile into the leading research firm in the app economy and digital business models, with a client base and reputation that out-rivals companies many times the size. In his academic life, Andreas is an Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Sweden, where he teaches Mobile Industry Dynamics Course & Internet Business Models, and an Adjunct Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business where he teaches Entrepreneurship. Andreas holds a Ph.D. in Image & Video Compression from the University of Bristol, UK.

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