Vincenzo Amorino

Senior Project Manager & Architect - Smart Pipe & NetAPI Dept.
Telecom Italia

Vincenzo received his degree in Information and Communication Technology Engineer at Turin Polytechnic in 2000. Since 1997 he was involved, as freelance consultant, in various IT projects for some of the major Italian companies.  During this period he carry forward, also, an intensive teaching activities around his country. In 2001 he joined Telecom Italia LAB, he has been a technical lead of an analyst and development team involved in driving innovative services for TIM Value Added Services division. Since 2005 his activities concerned the Service Layer. His main responsibilities was to identify and address innovative solution for the Telco Service Layer architecture. He is involved in design and deploy of the Service Exposure Layer used to open telco functionalities to 3rd parties service provider in coherence with an overall SDP plan common within Telecom Italia Group. During 2013 he joined the division SDP&NetAPI aiming to evolve the idea behind the Service Exposure towards an improvement and simplification of the NetAPI experience. That continue also in the brand new SmartPipe&NetAPI dept. This engineering activity is complemented by the role of Telecom Italia Delegate on different SDO/Forum organization: in the past NGMN, WiMAX Forum, 3GPP, and during these years a Technical group of the European Commission, OMA and TMF. In OMA he actually serve as ARChitecture Working Group Chair.

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